"The Fast Track Guide To Get The
Most Out Of Dual Squeeze"


STEP (1)
"Create Dual Squeeze Account"

>> Click here to join Dual Squeeze <<


STEP (2)
"Watch the Introductions Video
in Your Membership Area"

>> Click Here To Access your DS Membership Area <<

STEP (3)

"Set Up Your Autoresponder Account"


Step (1)Click Here To Join Get Response

Step (2): Create a new Campaign (Watch Video)

Steps (3): Link Your Autorespnder with your DS Account
(Follow The instructions in Your DS Membership Area)


STEP (4)
"Get an Email Account on your

own Domain Name and Add it to your

Get Response account"

Step (1): Create a Namecheap Account

Step (2)Purchase a domain name.
(Watch this video)

Step (3): Create an Email in Your Domain
(Watch this video)

Step (4): Add your new Emial To Your

GetResponse Account (Watch This Video)

STEP (5)

"Add Welcome Follow Up Email"


Email Subject line:

Welcome to my 'Dual Squeeze' team...
Thank you for joining my 'Dual Squeeze' Team

Email body:

- Welcoming your new subscribers to "Dual Squeeze"
- Introduce Yourself (Who you are?)
- Include a link to your Facebook profile
- Call To Action (go to your 'Dual Squeeze' membership

and start sharing your link)
- Let them know that you'll be sending them more 
emails on

how to make more money and build their lists faster.



Email Example:

Hey there, 

Congrats for getting access to 'Dual Squeeze" 
viral list building system. This is a great system 
to build your leads on Autopilot. 

Make sure to watch the video in your membership 
ares and get started sharing your link right away.

Access your membership area here:

You will notice that when your subscribers start 
building their list with Dual Squeeze, your list will 
also be build on autopilot.

Cool, isn't it :) 

Talk soon,
[Your Name Here]

P.S. Let's Connect on Facebook: [Your Facebook Profile Link Here]

STEP (6)
"Create a Tracking Link"  

Create a tracking link to track your clicks. I recommed using Bit.ly

STEP (7)

"Fast Track Solo Ads Traffic" 

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and build your list! it doesn't requires any experience, all what you

need to do is to set up your campaign within 5 minutes and start

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